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    I'd like to express my gratitude for the people behind “Olm Extractor Pro” for allowing me to move my emails and contacts very easily. I am not a computer expert, and so, when I was required to switch to Thunderbird from Outlook for Mac, I was really tensed. Fortunately, I came across “Olm Extractor Pro”without wasting much time, and I am really thankful for that. The tool worked perfectly well, allowing me to convert literally everything (Emails, contacts, attachments, images within emails, and every other item) in the shortest amount of time (I guess, it took 30 minutes for my 6Gb of Olm file to convert to Mbox).
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    “Olm Extractor Pro” is a program that allows to convert Olm files effortlessly. I was able to convert 10Gb of my Olm files, with high data integrity, and in about 60 minutes. For that, I am very grateful because I never expected I'd be able to finish this email migration job so easily. All my attachments, images, emails from overseas clients, even my folder structure – everything remain the same in the converted Mbox files. If you want the same kind of results in converting Olm files to many other email formats (Mbox, Eml, Rge), I would highly recommend “Olm Extractor Pro”. It is certainly a big success for the developers behind the tool.
    Mark Watson
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    I was looking to convert Mbox files to Olm and “Mail Extractor Max”assisted in a way that is most professional and efficient. It is very easy to use, quick to perform, and very precise in email conversion. I appreciate its powerful performance in an otherwise very daunting task that I was very anxious about. Thanks.
    Susan Miller
  • 5
    “Mail Extractor Max” is a genuine achievement in email migration industry, and I got to experience its performance when I needed to convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac. I was stressed over this task and couldn't find a way. Just then I heard about “Mail Extractor Max”and was literally shocked, in a pleasant way, to find out how it easily it did it. I highly recommend it.
    Dr. J.B. Mehta
  • 5
    I needed to move my emails and all the attachments from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook. I just couldn't afford to lose a single data information. That's why I can never appreciate “Mail Extractor Pro”, because it allowed me to easily convert apple Mail data to Pst files, while preserving almost 100% data integrity. Very nice job by the developers.
    Lisa Turner
  • 5
    It was when I was going in circles and getting too frustrated to move Apple Mail to Outlook, I found this highly professional tool called “Mail Extractor Pro”. I can't appreciate the tool's value it provides in successful email migration, which otherwise is very challenging. With the help of “Mail Extractor Pro”, I was able toconvert my Mbox file to Pst with a sharp precision, and most importantly, in just few minutes. I highly appreciate the tool and the developers behind it.
    Marvin White
  • 5
    I urgently needed to convert Pst files to Eml format and I was badly stuck at it. Thanks to Pst Extractor Pro. It offered me exactly what I needed – a simple GUI, efficient features, and a quick conversion of my emails and contacts. I seriously adore this program for it let me finish the task I was so worried about, and that too, with ultimate ease and speed.
    Andrew Conlan
    IT Department
  • 5
    I needed to move to Apple Mail from Windows Outlook. There was just one problem – I had no idea how to. “Pst Extractor Pro” came to rescue. I was surprised by how easily, quickly, and accurately it worked. It performed surprising thorough conversions of Pst files to Mbox in no time. I highly recommend it.
    Jacob Taylor
    CEO & Founder
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