Converting Mbox, Apple Mail database to Pst

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apple mail data base to pst

“Mail Extractor Pro” is a reliable tool to convert emails, contacts, and calendar data from Apple Mail to Outlook Pst files. The simple GUI enables users to perform the thorough migration effortlessly.

convert mbox files to pst
Click on "Load" to convert Apple Mail database or MBOX files
"Auto Load" for auto detect and "Open" for manually choose your files to convert
convert mbox to pst
Preview of your email folder structure, you can choose or remove folder from here
Convert Apple mail to pst
Click on "Convert", it will start converting your apple mail files to pst file format.
Convert Apple mail mbox to pst
Click on "Locate Converted PST" to get your output file

Follow the steps below to convert your Mbox files to Pst

➔           Download the “Mail Extractor Pro” Setup. Install it using the simple installation wizard.

➔           Launch it.

➔           Click on 'Load', which brings up two choices to load your emails and other items –

  • Auto Load – Click on “Auto Load” to automatically load your “Mail” folder on your Mac, where the Apple Mail stores all the data.
  • Manual – Click on “Open”, locate the “mail” folder copied from another computer/back up location. Or, locate the Mbox files saved on Mac.

➔           Once the “Mail” folder or Mbox files are loaded, the tool will display the folders inside them.

➔           Check (or uncheck) the folders that you want to include (or exclude) from conversion.

➔           You can also ignore the empty folders by checking the respective box, which will hide all the folders that have no content inside them.

➔           Click “Convert”.

➔           Click “Trial” button if you want to continue it as a free trial version. Else, click “register license” to register for the full, paid version.

➔           After that, choose the location to save the converted Pst files. If you want, you can create a new folder to save them. Click “Save” at your desired folder and location.

➔           The Mbox to Pst conversion will start and will take few minutes depending on the size of the selected Mbox files.

➔           Once the conversions are complete, you can click on 'OK' to finish, or click on “Locate converted Pst” to go to the location directly.

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