A Multi-Product Software Company

USL Software was created with a vision to develop and design superior email migration tools for millions of email users worldwide who need effective solutions for their email conversion issues.

We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with our employees, customers and other business partners.

We started USL software with a vision of developing high quality email migration tools for all users who required safe and reliable third party tools to convert their email files from one client to another.

We are known for designing high performance email migration tools which are capable of providing the fastest and most accurate results for various types of conversions through different email clients.

If you are tired of looking for a safe and effective tool to transfer your email files from one application to another and have been postponing the idea of converting your emails due to the fear of losing your precious email files, you are at the right place. For we have designed our tools to specifically safeguard your email conversions against data loss and corruption.

We have designed specialized tools to convert emails from various email clients like Outlook Mac, Windows Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage and Postbox etc.

We are proud of being able to successfully deliver our services to millions of customers from all over the world which includes top professionals, small business owners and top organizations.

We have been doing this for years and our company is now progressing towards our goal of achieving perfection in email migration technology . We have been successful in creating the simplest tools to solve the most sophisticated issues at economic prices. That is why our tools are popular among all users, beginners or advanced.

When you use our products for the first time, the first thing that will come into your mind is the ease of use and high level of interaction that we have provided to give a more personalized experience to the users who wish to have a simple and laid back experience while converting their emails.

The first thing that we think about while providing our services to our clients is the experience that they have with us. We have the best customer support team and they are available for you 24*7 . We are there to help you with any issues that you might face. You can count on us and reach our team anytime of the day.

We understand how important your email files are for you and that is why our first priority has always been to provide optimum safety for the email files of our clients. So if you have been worrying about the safety of your email files while converting your email files from one client to another, it is time to stop and relax. We have taken care of everything. You just have to sit and relax while our tool takes care of your files while moving them from one email application to another.

The best thing about out tools is that you do not have to be a professional user to operate and get the best results from our tools. You can get 100% accurate results even if you are a user with basic computer skills.

Even if you have years of email data to convert, it doesn't matter, we have the solution for all of your problems. Our programs are specially designed to convert email files in bulk so that you can convert all emails at once without wasting a bit of time.

We have the right solution for any problem that might occur, and we provide our services at the most reasonable rates. Our email conversion tools are specially developed to deliver step by step and easy mail conversions for multiple email applications like Outlook 2011, Windows Outlook 2010, Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

You can try the free versions of our tools if you are interested in checking them out before investing in them. Trying the free versions of the tools will give you enough experience with their performance that you can decide if they work for you or not. For example, you can move huge bundles of email files from OLM to PST with our tool in a matter of minutes with a single mouse click.

At USL software , we are dedicated to one purpose, i.e. simplifying email migration to the highest levels where each and every computer user can take advantage of our services for organizing and converting their emails so that they can be used in a better way.

With our tools, you will enjoy the whole process of email migration which was earlier thought to be very monotonous and boring. You will be able to convert your emails at high speeds while you sit and relax.

Don’t miss the chance of trying the free version of our tools if you are genuinely interested in having the best experience at email migration with the best email conversion tools.


You are welcome to be a part of the USL family so that you can enjoy the freedom in email migration and make better use of your emails. Welcome aboard, join us and enjoy the journey.