Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 Migration – the Painless Approach

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Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 migration simplified

Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 migration is quite hassle if you do not get right tool. If you are facing problem to convert your emails from Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 (both Mac & Windows), then this one is for you.

So, Apple Mail and Outlook 2016 have certainly been one of the best email clients with largest user base in Mac and Windows respectively. Both have all the necessary features to deal with emails in the modern era of productivity driven society.

However, there’s one situational drawback with both those clients that have been largely responsible for a lot of frustration and pain. They both work great for what they are intended for (and that is email management). But fail when a user needs to switch from one to another, or needs to share the data from one to another.

What I mean is this: you have been using Apple Mail for quite some time, but now you are switching to Outlook 2016. Or that you need to share Apple Mail data with an Outlook 2016 user. This data transfer can be quite awkward and clumsy, especially for less-experienced users. An advanced user might find its way to migrate data. But even for them, it is never an efficient and effortless job.

So, what can you do?

This is where USL Software developed tool, “Mail Extractor Pro“, comes into picture.

apple mail to outlook 2016 migration

What is “Mail Extractor Pro?”

It’s a software solution for extracting items from Apple Mail and integrate them into new PST files. You can import the PST file into Outlook 2016 (or even older editions). It is built keeping all the previous challenges and complications of Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 migration in mind. And USL Software has done a great job in making it as effective as possible.

Let’s take a look at why it is the best migration utility available today:

  • The most evident adjustment made to the tool is its ability to load Apple Mail data. Unlike other tools that require mailboxes or EMLX files, “Mail Extractor Pro“, requires neither. You simply have to click on ‘Auto-load’ and it will directly target the Apple Mail identity database on its own.export apple mail to outlook 2016
  • This auto-load feature makes the job much easier and more accurate, obviously because it loads data in a single-click, and that it targets the source of data rather than archived files.migrate apple mail to outlook 2016
  • The tool also features the complete support for converting non-English languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which has always been tricky for email conversion tools to do due to the encoding standards such non-English languages use (like DBCS, UTF-8, etc.).convert apple mail to outlook 2016
  • Mail Extractor Pro” also brings the most accurate way to convert data while keeping the order of your folders unchanged. This is partly due to its micro-operations framework that can read the metadata in minute details. So, the hierarchy of your email folders will be converted from Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 without any damage or change.import apple mail to outlook 2016
  • Lastly, no software solution regardless of its advanced programming would make sense, if it is not easy and simply to use. And yet, most Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 converters fail miserably in that department. USL Software put major efforts in making the interface of “Mail Extractor Pro” completely user-friendly from a beginners point of view. Even if you have no experience of converting email data forms, you can still use this application right from the first moment. It’s intuitive, self-explanatory, and delivers a smooth work-flow for migration.

Get “Mail Extractor Pro” today and try it yourself. Aren’t you confident yet? You can use it in a free trial mode for as long as you want. There’s no time limit, and no restriction on its feature-set except it only works for ten items per folder. The trial version is the perfect way to get comfortable with its interface. And feel confident before you actually buy the full license.

Get it now:

Mail Extractor Pro converts data from multiple sources to PST file format Mac Outlook & Windows Outlook. It support conversion from Apple mail, Thunderbird, Postbox & MBOX to PST for Outlook. Download today for your Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 migration.

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