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OST Extractor Pro - Recover and convert OST to PST

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Excellent utility to recover data and convert OST to PST, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML files without issues.


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If you are looking for a software program to recover and convert your data from OST to PST files, you’ve come to the right place. USL Software brings to you the best solution in the form of “OST Extractor Pro.” It’s a Windows based application that can recover your data from OST files, and convert it all into PST, error-free, quickly, and efficiently!

Why Convert OST to PST?

OST files are like PST, only they are offline storage files for Windows Outlook. The data inside OST can become inaccessible due to hardware failures, unexpected shutdown, viruses, and other such incidents. OST can also be inaccessible if you delete the original email account that created it.

In all such cases, the only way to extract your emails, contacts, notes, and calendar data is to convert OST to PST. And there’s no better tool than “OST Extractor Pro” to do that.

OST Extractor Pro” marks the beginning of a new, much more productive way to get your emails from OST files and convert them to PST. It presents features like:

Intuitive and natural graphical interface.

Accurate algorithms to convert data without errors

Allows converting OST to PST, MBOX, EML, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and Postbox Mail database.

Recovers images, attachments, metadata, Word documents, Excel Sheets, and so on

Expert based 24x7 support from USL Software

Supports OST and PST from and for all Windows Outlook editions (from 97 to 2016 version)

Why “OST Extractor Pro” is the Best – 4 Most Prominent Reasons!
ost to pst converter

There are few other programs for OST to PST conversion, but “OST Extractor Pro” features accuracy and interface like no other.

Considering the complexity of the job, any tool dealing with the data exchange requires algorithms and framework that is well equipped to deal with the process. And “OST Extractor Pro” is developed from the grounds up keeping that in mind.

Here are some of striking differences between typical file converters and “OST Extractor Pro”:

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Multi-phase algorithms to recover data without any fragmentation of data. The results are free of any errors like loss of images, attachments, metadata, or such.

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Simplest graphical-oriented interface that makes it keenly intuitive even for non-experienced users to follow the wizard and instructions.

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Specially dedicated logic to handle complex text characters, mostly non-English that uses DBCS (double-byte) like Chinese.

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Unlike other conventional solutions, “OST Extractor Pro” does not dwindle with large databases or OST files. It can effortlessly convert extremely large OST files and makes it without impacting the performance, accuracy, and other factors.

An Exhaustive Range of Features Without Congesting the Interface!

ost to pst

A common problem among most sophisticated software solutions that deal with complex data processing is that they become quite difficult to use due to all the features that are incorporated into them. “OST Extractor Pro” brings another impressive change by simplifying the process and automating much of the task. So, you do get a lot of flexibility but the interface remains simple and intuitive.

Which ultimate makes it the kind of a tool that all kinds of users can use, ranging from IT experts for large data recovery jobs to basic home users.

Below is an exhaustive list of features that clearly defines “OST Extractor Pro” as the most powerful and flexible tool:

how to convert ost to pst

Below is an exhaustive list of features that clearly defines “OST Extractor Pro” as the most powerful and flexible tool.

Batch Recovery and Conversion

It allows you to select multiple OST files for recovery and conversion in one go. You don’t need to do it separately for each file. The amount of time it saves is striking!

Supports OST files from any source

The tool can recover data from OST files created by any version of Outlook, from 97 to 2016 edition. It also supports Exchange 5.0 to 2017, Office 365, and Exchange ActiveSync.

Recovers all items

Emails in the modern age is the best medium for communication but also for sharing files and information. This makes emails very complex, where the data items can stretch from simple text to complex files as attachments and other embedded objects. But the good thing is that “OST Extractor Pro” is built to recover the files extensively, without leaving anything behind. It recovers everything from emails, contacts, calendar entries (reminders, events, etc.), notes, distribution lists, task lists, Word documents, excel sheets, nested messages, email addresses, to basically whatever the file contains, including metadata and headers.

Split Large PST Files

If your OST files are very large, it’s obvious that the converted PST files will also be very large, which gives a lot of problems when importing those PST files into Outlook. Complications like these are often ignored by conventional tools and solutions, but not by USL Software. “OST Extractor Pro” allows you to set the maximum size for PST, and upon crossing that limit, the tool will automatically split the files into smaller files. It’s very convenient and saves a lot of trouble after the conversion is over.

Multiple Options for Output formats

PST is the native file for Windows Outlook. So, the best option is to recover and convert data from OST into PST files. However, you are not limited to that. You can also choose the output file as TXT, HTML, or RTF format, which can be very helpful in certain circumstances.

Incredible Speed

Considering how accurate the conversion is, and how powerful the features are, it makes sense that it might take time to convert the files. But that’s not true. Surprisingly, “OST Extractor Pro” has terrific data-flow enabling it to process all the times with a striking speed.

Accurate Folder Hierarchy Mapping

Email recovery and migration often suffer from a common mishap – damage to the folder hierarchy. In fact, while moving any form of data, it’s common to lose the structure and order in your data. But ‘OST Extractor Pro’ runs a dedicated logic to scan the hierarchy of all your folders in OST files and maps the entire structure precisely into PST. No change whatsoever.

Support for Non-English Text

As said above, emails are the best form of communication, which makes any email database or files like OST to contain non-English text very common. And languages like Arabic, Chinese, Korean, etc. can be tricky to recover. But “OST Extractor Pro” has an impressive level of accuracy even in that department. You will not find a single word missing or converted inaccurately. All your emails from overseas friends, clients, or customers will be safe.

Doesn’t Ignore Anything

Supports various standards/formats/ and data architecture. The tool even handles Password Protected OST files and S/MIME Defined Emails too.

Log Report

By the end of the recovery and conversion process, it will generate a brief and a detailed log report. They can be surprisingly helpful in analyzing the entire process, especially valuable in larger projects.

Download Free Trial Setup and convert OST to PST Today!

System Requirement:

  1. - Microsoft®.NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile or higher must be installed on your system. You can download the free redistributable from:
  2. - Compatible with Outlook 97 to 2016 or Office 365 OST files.
  3. - Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012.
  4. - Compatible with both 32bit and 64bit operating systems.

Need some help to make up your mind?

Do not worry. The free trial version can help you with that. Just download the setup below, install it, and get started. The tool will run instantly in the free trial mode without any activation or any sort of initial configuration. You can check out all the features and interface in detail for up to ten items per folder.