Duplicate File Detective Ultimate

Duplicate File Detective Ultimate

An ultimate tool to remove duplicate files

duplicate file finder

Duplicate File Detective Ultimate for Mac

Duplicate File Detective application is very useful tool to remove all the duplicate files from the selected folder. It provides options to the users to delete the duplicate files at their will.

Duplicate File Detective Ultimate features:-

- Select or deselect the files before moving them to trash
- Identification of the type of files, such as, photos, music, etc.
- Orderly arrangement of the search display, shows tree structure of the items
- Works with internal and external disk volumes
- Retina display supported

duplicate file remover

What are you waiting for? Get it today and relieve your hard disk some extra space.

Some important points to consider.

1. We understand that your data is very important. We recommend reading the ‘caution’ doc. before proceeding to delete any file.

2. Have any queries? Don’t hesitate to contact the support team.

3. Note that the tool would only consider the files as duplicate when the metadata of both files are same.


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