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how to convert pst files to mbox

“Pst Extractor Pro” is a tool that converts Pst files to Mbox, Eml, and Rge format. It also converts contacts and calendar data to Vcf and Ics format, respectively.

convert pst to mbox
Add single or multiple pst file to convert your required file format.
Select what items you want to convert or Check/Uncheck desired folders from preview
Now choose the output file format you are looking for, then click on "Convert"
Now Click on "Locate Output Folder" to get your output file.
Now Click on "Locate Output Folder" to get your output file.

Follow the steps outlined below to convert your Outlook Pst files easily -

  1. Download, install, and launch 'Pst Extractor Pro' on your Mac.
  2. Click “Add Pst” button, and locate and select your Pst files on your Mac that you want to convert. You can select more than one Pst files to convert together.
  3. That brings up the folders inside the selected Pst files.
  4. Check the folders you want to convert. Uncheck the ones that you want to exclude from conversion.
  5. You can also filter the folders for Mail, Contacts, and/or Calendar.
  6. Choose the output file format from the drop-down menu depending on where you want to move your Windows Outlook data. For instance, if you choose 'Apple Mail', the tool will convert the Pst files to Mbox files, which can later be exported to Apple Mail. Contacts and Calendar data will automatically be converted to Vcf and Ics file.
  7. You can tweak the additional options to get more out of 'Pst Extractor Pro'
  8. Save read and unread emails in separate folders. Leaving the box unchecked will merge both read and unread emails in same folder but will maintain the read/unread status.
  9. Merge Contacts in single Vcf file per contact folder. Leaving the box unchecked will convert each contact to individual Vcf files.
  10. Merge Calendar data in one single Ics file per calendar folder. Leaving the box unchecked will convert each items in Calendar to individual Ics files.
  11. Split Mbox files over the specified limit. Enter the desired size limit after which the Mbox files automatically be split in two smaller files. Leaving the box unchecked can generate big sized Mbox files (depending on the size of your Pst files).
  12. Click 'Convert'
  13. If you are using the trial version, a box will pop-up stating that it'd convert only up to 10 items for each folder. Click 'OK' to continue.
  14. Navigate to the location where you want to save your Output files (Mbox, Eml, etc.). You can also create a new folder anywhere within your Mac to save the files. Click “Save”.
  15. The conversion will start. Depending on the number of emails and the total size of selected Pst files, the tool will take some time.
  16. Once it is done, the “Conversion Completed Successfully” box will appear.
  17. Click 'open full report' to view the log report of the process. Or, click “Locate Output Folder” to directly go to the location where the converted files are.
  18. Click “OK” to finish.

You can now export the converted files (Mbox, Rge, Eml, Vcf, or Ics) to their respective email clients.

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