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Looking for the Best Outlook for Mac (OLM) to Thunderbird Converter online?

OLM Extractor Pro - Convert Mac Outlook 2011/2016 (OLM) to Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage Archive 2004/2008, MBOX & EML.

Do you want to convert your Outlook:mac 2011/2016 OLM files to Thunderbird file format or are you searching for a method access your Outlook 2011/2016 mails on Mozilla Thunderbird application? Make it possible with the best and most advanced OLM Extractor Pro utility present online.

By using this advanced OLM Extractor Pro utility present online you can get all your Outlook 2011/2016 for Mac files to be converted to Thunderbird file format to access them on Thunderbird email application anytime. With the help of OLM Extractor Pro tool, it becomes easily possible to export Outlook 2011/2016 for Mac OLM emails to Thunderbird file format.

Convert/Import OLM to Thunderbird

It will help you convert Mac Outlook Database (OLM) to Thunderbird Email Database, *.vcf, *.ics file format.

Convert/Import OLM to Apple Mail

Migrate / Convert Mac Outlook Database (OLM) to Apple Mail, Address Book, Calendars (iCal).

Convert/Import OLM to Entourage 2004/2008

Convert Mac Outlook OLM file to Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008 (RGE file format).

Convert OLM to MBOX & EML files

It also support conversion of Outlook for Mac OLM files to MBOX & EML file format.

Why is it Important to have a good Email Conversion Tool?

In today’s era of changing time where versatility is a virtue, many users from all over the world are looking for option to export their database from Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird format.

However Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird Conversion process is not an easy task because the data cannot be transferred directly from Mac outlook to Thunderbird format. OLM Extractor Pro is a useful and best tool available online that allows you to import all Outlook for Mac components such as emails, calendars, contacts etc present in the form of OLM file in one go without messing the folder structure into Thunderbird file format. In fact OLM Extractor Pro software actually gives you easy access of all your Mac emails in Mozilla Thunderbird platform. The software has been provided with interactive GUI which gives OLM Extractor Pro the best user-friendly experience ever.

Troubles faced without OLM Extractor Pro:

In case you feel you don’t require any of the outside present third party email migration tools with which you can access smooth conversion process of data from Mac Outlook 2011/2016 (OLM) to Thunderbird format, you should be aware of the troubles that are headed your way:

  1. Huge amount of time wasted
  2. One file at a time conversion
  3. Painfully slow process
  4. Margin for error included
  5. Not completely accurate process
  6. Not all data converted successfully

olm to thunderbird

Features of OLM Extractor Pro

Lets talk about the features of OLM Extractor Pro, as you know It can convert Mac Outlook 2011/2016 (OLM file) to Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage Archive, MBOX & EML file format. What are the other features?

convert olm to Thunderbird
You can add one more *.olm file at once to convert OLM to Thunderbird.
olm to thunderbird converter
Choose items (Mails, Contacts, Calendars etc), you want to convert.
convert outlook for mac to Thunderbird
Select "Thunderbird Email Database, *.vcf, *.ics" from the drop-down & Click on "Convert"
export outlook for mac to thunderbird
Click on "Locate Output Folder" to get your output file & Conversion report.

Below are the Key features of OLM Extractor Pro, you should look after while converting OLM to Thunderbird Email Database:-

Advance Version with Updated Features
Get bulk migration of Mac Outlook 2011 data into Thunderbird format file while maintaining folder hierarchy, supporting recurrence for calendars migration and also migrating group entries in contact list with the updated OLM Extractor Pro software.

Source for Bulk Migration
Bulk data can be exported from Mac Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird format with high reliability and according to user requirement using the OLM Extractor Pro tool. Also the OLM Extractor Pro Tool can migrate multiple Outlook 2011 for Mac OLM files to Thunderbird format at the same time while maintaining folder hierarchy and converting groups in contact list.

Solution for Safe Migration
OLM Extractor Pro users can map the export of data from Outlook 2011 for Mac data to Thunderbird format using this tool. Add bulk number of Outlook 2011 OLM files and start the batch conversion of your Outlook 2011 mailbox to Thunderbird format all at one go, and access converted data in the Thunderbird platform with ease.

Highly Effective User Interface
The most attractive and notable feature of the OLM Extractor Pro tool is the user friendly interface and simple step execution process used to export Outlook 2011 for Mac data to Thunderbird format.

Advanced Migration Process
By selecting the bulk data migration option of OLM Extractor Pro tool, users can export Outlook 2011 for Mac data to Thunderbird format trouble free.

Universal Support
OLM Extractor Pro Tool runs successfully any version of Mozilla Thunderbird application so that users can completely depend upon the tool safely to export their Outlook 2011 OLM files to Compatible Thunderbird file format.


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Anything that you expect from an Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird conversion tool, you are sure to get with this OLM Extractor Pro tool. OLM Extractor Pro leaves behind no margin for any mistakes or any discrepancy in your Outlook 2011 for Mac to Thunderbird conversion process to make the smoothest conversions possible for you.

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