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OLM Extractor Pro

Convert Outlook 2011/2016 for Mac (OLM) to Apple Mail, Entourage 2004/2008, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, RGE & EML file format.

OLM Extractor Pro is our superior tool that is specially developed to help you gain complete control over your email migration and to make them extra safe and accurate. Our tool offers some of the best features, which add to the performance of the tool hence making it the most popular tool among all users beginners or advanced.

Try the OLM extractor Pro for free?

You can now download the free trial version of the software to make sure if it works for you. You can run the software to its full potential and test the performance to see if it is what you have been looking for.
Feel the freedom over your Outlook Mac 2011 email conversions today! Try the demo version here. It is free!

Convert Outlook 2011 / 2016 OLM to Apple Mail

Convert Outlook 2011 / 2016 OLM to Entourage

Convert Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird

Convert Outlook 2011/2016 to Postbox

Convert OLM to MBOX file format

Convert OLM to EML file format

 Why Should You Choose OLM Extractor Pro?

Convert into multiple file format

Convert Outlook 2011 for Mac to Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, MBOX, RGE, EML file format.

Preserve all email items

It will preserve all your email items while converting Apple Mail. You will get as is copy.

Maintain your folder hierarchy

It will maintain your folder hierarchy, so you will get exact folder detail in your output file.

Support Unicode contents

It is able to read and preserve even the non-English content.

Bug & Error free conversion

Convert your emails without bug or error. It will never corrupt corrupt your original file. You will be safe with us.

Fast Perfomance

It does not take much time to convert your large files. You feel like just copy & paste your files.

Some of the additional features of the OLM extractor Pro are listed below.

Convert Outlook for mac 2011 to Entourage archive 2004/2008

OLM Extractor Pro ensures that all the emails, contacts, calendar events and attachments are securely transferred while moving Outlook Mac 2011 to Microsoft Entourage.
Another added benefit of using the OLM Extractor Pro software is that is able to preserve the original hierarchy of the email folders.

Converts Outlook OLM files to MBOX format

The software allows extracting Outlook 2011 mac emails to MBOX for multiple email clients. MBOX format is compatible with many email applications like Apple mail ad Entourage etc. Consequently; successful OLM to MBOX conversion proves to be a significant benefit, which our software gladly provides.

Installs easily and is highly user friendly

The most notable feature of the OLM extractor Pro is that is simple to install and operate. One does not need any technical skills to make the best use of it. This is what makes it the perfect tool for all users, beginners or advanced. 

Preserves all attachments and takes special care of nested messages

Most of the important documents are shared as attachments through email and that is why we have prepared the OLM extractor Pro to preserve all forms of attachments. The software also gives distinct preference to the nested messages and doesn’t disturb anything along the conversion process.

Convert Outlook for Mac to Apple Mail

OLM Extractor Pro can convert OLM files to Apple Mail with a single click and the whole process will be completed in a matter of minutes. After the conversion is complete, the user can open the Outlook emails in apple mail easily.
OLM Extractor Pro is the ultimate solution to solve all your email issues and to get the best and fastest results without applying any effort.

Converts Outlook Mac 2011 to EML, with simplicity

EML is another extensively used file format and the OLM Extractor Pro allows immaculate OLM to EML migration without any risk of data loss.
OLM Extractor Pro is the fastest way to convert Outlook Mac to EML without changing the content in any way.

Preserves Unicode (Non-English) content

Most of the tools don’t support or recognize content that is not in English language whereas the OLM Extractor Pro preserves Unicode content for absolute safety of your emails and accomplishes the assurance of no data alteration. You will find your emails just like they were, but with a different file extension.

Bulk OLM conversions are smooth and easy

Most of the average email converters are not able to convert emails in bulk. When the number of files is large, they tend to get slower and some even crash. But we have ensured that the OLM Extractor Pro is suitable for converting huge bundles of OLM files at one go.
The Bulk convert mode is very effective in moving huge bundles of files at high speeds and you can completely rely on the tool for safe conversions.

We have made email conversion as simple as imaginable and we are sure that you are going to enjoy working on this tool.

OLM Extractor Pro is the ideal email converter for users who want quick conversions without compromising the safety of their email data.

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Have you been searching for the best OLM conversion tool but have failed to find any success yet?

Converting emails from one email client to another is a very helpful process, which enables a user to enjoy the services of multiple email clients. Though converting emails has been considered a risky process because earlier it was done manually which made it a tedious and boring process, which was prone to human as well as mechanical error. However, with the introduction of third party email conversion tools, email conversion has become really popular because these third party tools are very simple to use and safe for email files.
That is why looking at the number of email conversion tools is increasing rapidly, creating room for faulty software too. Due to the abundance of mediocre and faulty tools, the need for safe and effective email conversion tools is also rising.
That is why we have developed a superior OLM conversion tool to convert Outlook for Mac to Apple Mail so that you can move your email files effortlessly without worrying about the safety of your files.
We have designed the OLM Extractor Pro as the best tool to extract OLM files to Entourage, Apple Mail, Postbox and Thunderbird etc. while providing 100% safe and accurate results.

Are you tired of losing data while converting Outlook for Mac to Apple mail or to Thunderbird/Entourage?

If you have gone through the painful process of losing your precious email files due to the incapability of a faulty email converter and you wish to never go through that again, then you are at the right place. We have the one time solution for your email conversions that will help you to overcome the fear of data loss and corruption.

With our tool, the OLM Extractor pro, you will never have to worry about the safety of your email files. We successfully provide 100% guarantee of no data loss along with a 100% rate of efficiency in results. No matter what conversion you have to make, the thing that stays the same is the feeling of security and peace in mind.

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Effective Web Development Solutions

Do you also think moving OLM to EML or converting OLM to MBOX is a slow and boring process?

We know that most of the tools promise a lot of things but are rarely able to deliver the performance that they promised. Mediocre tools are very unpredictable and slow. But with the OLM Extractor pro, you will be able to convert OLM to Apple Mail and many other clients at lightning like speed with 100% accuracy in results. We have simplified the highly sophisticated process of email conversion after extensive research in the field with the help of top experts to provide excellence in what we serve.
You can move your Outlook Mac 2011 emails to Apple mail or Thunderbird in just a few seconds with almost no effort from your side. This is how fast our software works.

Have you been questioning if you can find the right OLM extractor tool on which you can depend?

OLM Extractor Pro is 100% safe and trustworthy when it comes to safeguarding your valuable Outlook mac files. We have ensured that you will not have to worry about anything and you can just sit back and relax while our software takes care of your email transfers with immaculate accuracy.
If you are interested in having the best tool to extract OLM files with the help of a professional tool, then you should absolutely try the OLM Extractor Pro software.
We have tried to make email conversion as simple as possible and we guarantee that the OLM Extractor Pro is going to perform with excellence and you are going to enjoy the whole process of email migration while being able to convert emails from your desired clients to and from.

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Try the free version of the OLM Extractor Pro

You should absolutely try the free version of the tool to get a better understanding of how the tool works and performs. You can run the tool and convert your apple mail emails for free so that you can be satisfied with the performance to think further about purchasing it. If the tool is able to stand up to your expectations, feel free to go ahead and order the full and licensed version to enjoy unlimited benefits with 24*7 supports.

Welcome aboard, the power of email migration can be yours now.

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