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USL PDF File Image Extractor for Mac

Ever wondered how you can save the images that are within a Pdf file?

USL Pdf file Image Extractor brings to you an excellent way to extract images from a Pdf file. It does so without affecting the image quality, like resolution and colors. The app runs smoothly on Mac and offers interactive interface to make the job easy, simple, and fast.

Here are the features

  • Save the extracted images in different formats such as, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, ICNS, JPEG 2000, Icon, OpenEXR, Photoshop, PICT, SGI, and TGA.
  • Work with multiple Pdf files. It reviews the all loaded Pdf files in left column.
  • The right column previews the pages inside the selected Pdf file.
  • The main, middle column is where you can view the Pdf file fully.
  • You can even re-order the pages of a Pdf file, and save it as another copy.

Pdf file Image Extractor distinct quality is its interactive GUI, fast processing of images, and accurate extraction.

Graphical Interface

The interface makes the overall task uncomplicated. Everything from downloading the app to installation, and to actual image extraction, flows intuitevly.  The arrangement of the features, such as Pdf preview, page preview, and the actual extraction wizard is laid out in a way so as to offer no confusion and complication.

Speed of Pdf image processing

The speed of extraction of image is accelerated by smart programming. It deals with the data inside Pdf file competently, quickly separating the text and other contents from the images and graphics. Even with big Pdf files with hundreds of images can be extracted in mere minutes.

Accuracy of the extracted images

However, the signature function of the app is its level of precision. It separates itself from other Image extractor by the virtue of preserving the original quality of image. Most of the times when an app tries to separate images from a Pdf file and saves them to another format, it loses its resolution and distorts colors.

Not this one. It will keep the images safe from any unwanted modification, presenting the same images as was originally with Pdf file.

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