pdf merger

PDF Merger for Mac

Combine multiple PDF files to One PDF file. A Mac App to Merge PDF files.

Combining two Pdf files can be a frequently needed task. But unfortunately, there aren't good apps that offers streamline experience while doing it.

Pdf Merger is an app for Mac that conveniently merges two or more Pdf files together. The UI helps in merging the files with ease and without any confusion. Moreover, you can decide the pages to be merged, and the files order in which to merge them.

Pdf has become a very generic term for any electronic document file. You can expect to get any ebooks or any text in a Pdf file. At some cases, you can have multiple Pdf files for the same related topic each having few pages. It is a little inconvenient to read those files separately if they correspond to something similar. 

Now, with the help of a 'Pdf Merger' you can combine those files and create a single file from them. The tool makes no unwanted modification to the content inside them.

Here are the notable features of 'Pdf Merger'

  • Systematic and intuivie graphical wizard
  • High speed of fusing the Pdf files that save time
  • Smooth functioning, with no errors or bugs
  • Stable even with big sized Pdf files
  • choose the order of file before merging, decide which file merge at which location in the final Pdf. That enables you to customize sections or chapters in the order that you want in the merged Pdf.
  • Preserve images inside all Pdf files being combined

Small, and compatible with Mac

The app comes in a very small downloadable size (500KB), installs easily within 10 seconds, and do not affect your Mac computer performance. Its processing is extremely light, although very fast in merging files, that it has no impact whatsoever on the other background apps that would be running.

It supports Mac OS X.

Incredibly quick

It merges multiple Pdf files with lightning fast speed. You can merge 2 Pdf files with size more than 5Mb in just 30 seconds. Even huge Pdf files with hundreds of pages can be combined together in mere minutes, without compromising to content integrity and its other performance aspects.

Content Integrity

The app preserves all the content that is inside the Pdf files. It would keep the text, images, graphics, tables, charts, and any other objects unharmed and unmodified. Everything would remain the way it was originally before merging.

Get 'Pdf Merger'. It holds everything you need to merge Pdf files accurately and efficiently.


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