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PDF Splitter for Mac

Split your large PDF file into multiple PDF files as you want...

Pdf Splitter is an app for Mac that can split a Pdf file into multiple parts. You can manually select how you want to split it by specifying the pages. The app offers easy way to divide a big Pdf files into smaller ones in your own customized way.

The interface is as simple as possible, making the process effortless. The range of features is wide, thus, giving the kind of flexibility you want while splitting Pdf files. You can split the files according to the pages or the range of pages.

Salient features of Pdf Splitter

  • Keeps the content inside a file intact. The following contents would remain untouched and unharmed
    • Images and other graphics
    • Formatting of text
    • graphs, charts, sheets, tables, etc
    • Non-English characters

In short, everything that an original Pdf file contain, will be in the splitted files, without any modification.

  • Interface – the interface is made as simple and elegant as possible, while allowing for the required functionalities.
  • Splits Pdf files in a flash – even if the file is huge and contain numerous pages, the app will split it in couple of seconds. It works favorably for Pdfs like a whole text book, thesis book, and complicated software guides. You can create multiple Pdf files out of these books divided by chapters or sections. And, it would take no more than 60 seconds to split Pdf with multiple hundred pages.
  • Stability – the app runs smoothly on Mac without any bugs or lags of any kind. The oversized Pdf files (even in Gbs) can be dealt easily without worrying about crashing or other errors.

Download it today, and split your Pdf files with remarkable ease and effectiveness.


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