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PDF to Text Converter for Mac

Have you felt the need to extract text from a Pdf file, but didn't know how to do it?

With Pdf to Text Converter you can extract or convert the text from a Pdf file easily. It also maintains the text formatting for what is appropriate for the converted file (txt, rtf, or rtfd).

Pdf is a popular format for an electronic book, document or any text. It can contain images, graphs, formatted text, and many other items. However, editing the contents inside an Pdf file can be a real pain, if not impossible.

But now you can extract all the text from a Pdf file into other formats such as Txt, Rtf, or Rtfd. From there you can have any sort of editing you want to the text.

The app delivers complete ease and comfort for Pdf to txt conversion through its simple interface. Working on it becomes very easy, while also efficient. The GUI does an effective job to make the process as uncomplicated as possible. Simply, load your Pdf files, choose the format (txt, rtf, or rtfd) and you are done with it in just few seconds.

Accuracy of the text

The tool can convert the whole text accurately. Often times, with ordianry converters or online Pdf to text converters, your text can lose some of its originality. There could be many glitches in the way these tools operate and interact with text. For instance, it has been observed multiple times that double-characters are left undetected. Example – 'Letters' would become 'leters'.

Sometimes, the tools can combine the words by ignoring the spaces between them. Example, 'The tool' would become 'thetool'.

Pdf to Text Converter is acutely sharp in detecting the words and characters as they are. Even if the formatting of Pdf is a little sluggish, it would still make an impressive effort at converting the content to text very precisely.


Other features

  • No need to install Adobe acrobat
  • Pdf preview in the left pane
  • Fast conversion speef of Pdf to text, 100 pages can be converted in 30 seconds
  • Available formats – Txt, Rtf, Rtfd
  • Negligible affect on computer CPU and processing
  • Batch conversion of Pdf files
  • Save the converted file to desired location
  • No bugs, high performance grade, even with oversized Pdf files with many hundred pages


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