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PDF to Word Converter for Mac

Convert PDF to Microsoft Word file format. Get your evaluation copy today.

Pdf to Word Converter is a Mac application to convert Pdf files to Office Word files with format such as .docx and .doc. Without overloading UI with senseless features, it offers only few, practical, and valuable features. For instance, convert only particular pages to Word, built-in pdf reader for previewing Pdf files, etc.

Pdf is a portable document format that can work on any device and operating system. You just need a program to read Pdf files. One of the most popular program is Adobe reader and Adobe acrobat.

Despite their popularity, editing Pdf files can be challenging. This is where you can convert them to Word files and edit it from there; then export the file back to Pdf.

The app does a tremendous job of keeping the format of content, images and their properties, and other objects within the file, intact. It safeguards almost 99% of the Pdf's design, so you get everything unmodified, and you can save time trying to organize the layout.

The features of PDF to Word Converter for Mac

  • Graphical wizard based app, that makes working with interface as easy as pie. All the buttons and features make intuitive sense. You can convert Pdf to word using this tool even if are a beginner at computers.
  • Convert Pdf to Word (all formats) and also into .Txt format. Word documents are compatible with Word 2008, 2011, and 2013.
  • Preserves everything that a Pdf file contains (images, graphs, charts, graphics, sheets, table, special characters, double-byte characters, etc.).
  • You can select only particular pages rather than converting whole Pdf. You can also specify the range of pages that you want to convert.
  • Built-in preview of a pdf file
  • It can detect and preserve any language content, including, Chinese, Japanese, German, etc.
  • Converts Pdf to word and text in a flash, almost with 10 seconds per 5MB Pdf file.
  • Takes as little as 3Mb in your Hard-drive
  • works lightly without affecting computer's CPU
  • Installs in 3 steps, quickly, easily
  • You can choose the location to save the converted Word files manually.
  • Easy organization of multiple Pdf files

Give "Pdf to Word Converter" a try. You will not have anything to complain. Right from the start to the last step, everything flows smoothly. It is the most reliable tool to perform this operation. No errors, no bugs, no lags, and no crashes.

Download it now.

NOTE: This version does not have OCR function, so scanned PDF will be converted as image instead of editable text in Word.


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