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Mac Apple Mail / EMLX to EML Converter

Mail Extractor Max is designed to convert EMLX to EML, MBOX, Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook:mac 2011, Thunderbird, Postbox.

EMLX to EML Converter is usually performed to keep a backup of Apple Mail data into EML files or to transfer the Apple Mail data to some other clients. The reason to convert files is usually because EMLX file is not a compatible file with any other email program. It's a basic raw file, not suitable for data migration or backup purposes.

EMLX is the file format supported by the Apple Mail database. It is the original database file that Apple Mail uses to store data. Any content you may have stored in your Apple Mailbox will have a corresponding EMLX file associated with it. Whereas EML files are associated with POP3 email applications. You will be able to explore EML files easily in Outlook express, Windows Live Mail and some other email applications that support POP3 internet protocol.

If you are looking for EMLX to EML Converter, then that means you are searching for a converter that will help convert your Apple Mail data to some required email application. This is precisely what Mail Extractor Max provides you with.

Convert EMLX to EML

Mail Extractor Max can convert EMLX to EML file format for Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express and other EML supported file format.

Convert EMLX to MBOX

The tool also designed to convert Apple Mail / EMLX to Standard MBOX file format.

Convert EMLX to Entourage / Outlook 2011

Mail Extractor Max also convert Apple Mail / EMLX file to RGE file format. You can import the RGE file format to Microsoft Entourage 2004/2008 and Outlook:mac 2011.

Convert EMLX to Thunderbird / Postbox

It can also convert Apple Mail / EMLX to Thunderbird & Postbox Email Database. You can directly import those converted files to Thunderbird / Postbox.

Where can You Find EMLX Files?

OS X Mail or Apple Mail keeps your data stored in a native directory, within EMLX files, withing folders with .mailbox folders. It should be noted that Apple Mail doesn't contain standard MBOX files. The first version of Apple Mail did use MBOX file, but not after that.

Here's how you can find the Apple Mail directory where all the data is stored:

  • 1. Open Windows in OS X Finder.
  • 2. Select 'Go to Folder' or press Command+Shift+G
  • 3. Type "~/Library/Mail/V3" (That's the exact location of the database)
  • 4. Press Enter

Here you can find all the messages and other contents within the sub-folders.

What to do of these EMLX Files?

Many users use these EMLX files for backup reasons. They simply copy the entire database and keep it somewhere safe. The files can even be copied to a different location for another Apple Mail installation to import the emails.

However, as said above, these files will only work with Apple Mail. You cannot use them for any other email clients, like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express etc. Therefore, it's not considered a good idea to keep a backup in the form of EMLX.

And this is where converting them from EMLX to EML comes into the picture. You can do so by using Mail Extractor Max. EML files, as opposed to EMLX, are more generic in nature and are now employed by many programs for reading and importing data.

Use 'Mail Extractor Max' for EMLX to EML Conversion

Although, there are many tools available now that can convert EMLX to EML, but there's no other tool that comes even close in terms of speed, ease of use, and accuracy than "Mail Extractor Max" from USL Software.

USL Software is known for their superior and efficient email migration tools. They have been in the industry for quite some time now and have offered great solutions to complex data migration jobs around the world. Their approach is usually unconventional but highly effective.

Take the job of keeping Apple Mail backup or migrating data. Where most tools require EMLX files and then convert them to EML, "Mail Extractor Max" offers an alternative that's far better than anything you can imagine.

So, how does it actually work?

  1. You simply have to select 'Auto-Load' and that gives the tool the permission to automatically target the Apple Mail database directory, instead of you having to manually load locate and select EMLX files.
  2. This difference is so significant in making the job much more efficient, quick, and easy. There's no requirement of EMLX files at all.
  3. Not just that; this also makes the data migration far more safe and secure. Since very little human intervention is needed, the likelihood of making any errors by the tool or by the user is minimized. And also, the tool targets the source of your data directly, not some archived or raw data file, resulting in 100% precision and safety for integrity of your data.

Try "Mail Extractor Max" today. You can use it in a free trial mode to check out all the features.

What Makes Mail Extractor Max the Best EMLX to EML Solution:

Mail Extractor Max comes accompanied with a list of comprehensive features that makes it the optimum EMLX to EML conversion tool in the market place. You can explore some of the features as below:

convert emlx to eml
Click on 'Load' to add Apple Mail / EMLX files

Complete Data Sync

You won’t have to get troubled by the issue of having to leave behind bits and fragments of your important data when converting those EMLX files to EML file format. Mail Extractor Max will make sure that when it converts EMLX files to EML format; it converts the complete document, not leaving behind any part.

Data Defender

All of your attachments and other such content present in the mail documents shall be preserved securely when you convert EMLX files to EML file format. Once you open up these files in the freshly converted EML format, you will have all the required data intact and without the slightest of modification performed.

emlx to eml conversion
Use 'Auto Load' to auto detect Apple Mail Database and 'Open' to locate Apple Mail Mailbox Export, 'Mail' folder copied or EMLX files.
emlx to eml converter tool
Choose your output file format as '*.eml' from drop-down list, then click on 'Convert'

Simpler User- Interface

Mail Extractor Max presents to you the easiest to use software wizard to undertake those extremely obnoxious EMLX to EML conversions otherwise. You won’t have to worry about a thing, a few simple mouse clicks will get the job done.

Top-Notch Security and Safety

We understand that your important mails always consist of confidential data that no one can feel comfortable sharing. However you can stay assured that none of that confidential data is at any risk or any exposure if you decide to use Mail Extractor Max for EMLX to EML file conversion. We take complete guarantee of your email safety and security.

emlx to eml file conversion
It will ask where you want to save your output files. Select a folder, then click on 'Save'.
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It will start converting your emails very carefully.

Built-In Data Log

You can keep a track of all the email conversions that Mail Extractor Max undergoes for you with the Built-In record log. This can help you stay updated on your EMLX to EML file conversion.

We take Support to the Next Stage

As mentioned above, we take extreme pride in the level of customer satisfaction and support that our team of highly skilled experts provide to our customers. Anything to do with your EMLX to EML conversion will be taken care of, take our word for it.

emlx to eml converter for mac
At the end, you will get complete log report. Click on 'Locate Output Folder' to get your converted EML files and click on 'Open report" for log file.